Wednesday, January 30, 2013

face à face

i always wanted to paint frigates,  i love  it  and   i think  i  should  study  it  more  so  i can be  able  to create  some  cool  stuff  with  it
i have  previously  promised  you to  put  a  step by  step  for  an old piece posted  here , well  i can't unfortunately it turned  out  that  i didn't saved the  steps ,shame on me !!!   it's  difficult   to   set  my  self  to save  the steps  while  working     ,it's  just  too distracting  and  i don't  want to think about  that  while working  , today  you are  lucky  this  is what  i have  managed  to save  hope  it's  good  enough  to answer  all  the  questions that  you have 


  1. This is great! For the last step, did you drop a multiply layer on top? It really ties everything together.

    1. hey thanx ,
      i have added an overlay layer to push those highlights a bit more and tweaked out the color balance in order to get that overall greeny feeling :D.