Monday, March 23, 2015

live digital painting demo result

i'm finaly at home , so i got the change to play little bit with the live digital painting demo i did last week in Hiba lab rabat and ecole hassania casablanca and it turned out to something like this ,

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

native american on a daily run

i'm  not dead  yet  , i'm  still  alive  , just  getting   the  rust  off  myslef  since  i haven't done  anything  personal  in a  while  , as  i said  before  i need  to keep  this  thing  alive  , i need  to put more  efforts in order  to keep  that promise  , so  the reason why  i've  been  absent all  this  time  is  because  i'm  working on  very important  project  ,  i've  got  a  big responsibilities now  and  i'm  going  to make  sure  this  will make  it  the top  , no  way this  will go down  on my shift hehehe

 i managed  to  save  some   step-by-step for  this  piece