Wednesday, February 18, 2015

magic wings

i've been  really busy  lately  , a lof  of  stuff  going  on for me  ,  anyway  i have  to keep  this  blog a live  no matter  what  , well  this  is  a  game  i've  worked  on  with a  friend  of  mine  living in belguim  , it  was  actually just a  test  we did together , it was for fun  ,  you can test  the  game  it's   available  for free  on  google  play  ,  also  freelance  work  and  personal projects are   eating my time  , i'll  try  to  update  the  blog  with some  new art  as  soon as  i  can  ,

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

LUNAR station "full version"


well  that  was  not  a  walk in the  park  as  was expected  ,  this  was  probably  one  of the most  complex  scene  that i have ever  painted  in my life  , complex light settings  with complex  geometries   and  many other stuff  that should  be  taken  into  consideration  , my eye  was  my only  guide in this  , as  it  was  always ,   no  wonder    why concept artists  are  using  3D  for  these  kind  of  stuff  ,   

also  thought  of sharing   this   early  stage  of the  painting process  ,this  may become useful  for  somebody   , who knows !!! 

  you're  probably  waiting for    the  full  piece  of  LUNAR station if  you have followed my last thread   ,  well  so  am  i  ,  kind  of  not  easy  to  do  stuff  like  this  in line  art  so  it  took  me a little  bit of  extra  time , but  not  a  big deal , i  enjoyed  doing it ,  i  still  need  to  lay  some  colors  down  ,  i'll  post    the  final  tomorrow  or  after  tomorrow  if  everything went well