Friday, January 23, 2015

stuff for games

as  a fix  for  the last  issues  that  i have  encountered  , as style  contradiction  and  different design  languages  , i had  to  redesign  the  whole  props   , the  result  is  a total  different thing  , it  has  nothing to  do  with  the  previous  one  , but it's gooood 


as  you  can  see  , there  is  absolutely no relationship  between the  environment and  that test  tube  or  stretcher  "honestly , i don't know  what  is  it exactly anymore  "  , the  stretcher  has  a kind  of  Russian  heavy mech feel ,which clearly  doesn't  persist  on the environment  ,  there  is  absolutely  no  chance  that  i can  fit in  that  stretcher  into  that  environment successfully    ,  have  to  redo  it  i guess    
as  a  solution  for  this  mess i caused  ,  i believe  starting with the  environment  first  is  a  good  move instead of the  props , this  will helps  solving issues  like  the  one that  i   have  encountered ,  
my second  take  on the  teleportation facility stretcher ,  i  think  this  one  is  definitely better   looking  than the  first  one  
 a  pros  design  i did  for  a  teleportation facility stretcher,  i'll  do  and  post more  stuff  related  to this  project  soon  ,so  stay  tuned !!  and wish me  luck

some  Kraftwerk music i was  listening   to when  working on this   :