Wednesday, October 24, 2012


here is  the sketch or  the  base  mesh (as  other  people  prefer  to call ) that  i have  done  for  this  piece  on  3DS max ,as  you  can  see  it's basically a   first  visual of  the   idea that  i had  in my mind   , i should  be honest  here,   i  spent  a  while  tweaking  those  boxes  in 3ds  max until  i felt satisfied  about the  overall  look . so  it's  not  between 15 or 30 min like the  previous work :D,   the  elapsed  time  of  making  those  sketches  in 3ds max does  not refer  to how  much you're  good  in 3DS max  or  any  other  soft  , it's  basically  a  matter   of  hunch  , when  feel that you should   stop  , you stop  :D

Sunday, October 21, 2012

beyond limits

3ds max  block mesh

 hello  everyone

in the beginning i was  really confused about  how to  get  the  perspective  and  the  lighting correct   in  this  piece , specially that  i was  aiming to get an approximative result of  what   i had in my  head   ,  this  is  why  i went  out  to 3ds  max    ,  i spent between   15  to  30  min blocking  the  base   mesh  and   finaly   was  convinced  by the  result    , i guess that everybody  know  that  in  digital  art ,  if  we  start  well  we  finish  well , using  the  3d  is  a great  way  in my  opinion  to  start a  concept  specially  if  are  not  looking  into  randoms   and  aiming  to  realise  a  special    idea  ,  3d  will help  you  to put the  general lines  of  your  idea  in a  short while , make  the  best  decisions about  camera  angle ,composition  perspective, scale etc   .
you  don't  have  to  use  3ds  max  if  you  want  to  use  the  3D  in your  process , you can  simply  use  any  soft  you want and  preferable  to  be  a simple  soft  like  sketchup  , 3D  is  a  complex  world  trust  me  you don't  want to  dive  into  it  if  you  just   want  to  tweak  out some  basic  meshs  .

thank you

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

sci-fi concept

was  really  confused  about  how to get  the  best  camera angle  and  the  best  scale  feeling for  the  hugeness of  that spaceship  without  loosing  time doodling in photoshop  ,so what  i did  is i used   3ds  max to  make a quick   sketch  and  bolck  the  idee  up  ,
i should  admit  that    helped  me  a lot!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

my online portfolio is finally live

finally  my online  portfolio  is  live ,thank  you  for  your  visits  and  feel free  to  share  you thoughts  about  any  possible  amelioration  , i'm  open to  any  kind  of   idees

thank you 

sci fi barrage

cg arena  excellence award

Monday, October 8, 2012

voyage featured in 2D artist magazine October edition 2012

 I am deeply honored   to  announce that  my  work  will   appear for  the  second  time  on  2DArtist  Magazine issue 082 October   2012 ,
i highly  recommend  all  those who  are  interested  in  digital  art  to  get  their  copy   from  here , this  is  a great  issue  that  has great tutorials for  beginners  and  advanced  level   as  inspirational work  for  artists  from  all  over  the  world  .

  thank  you Team

and  thank you followers

the final destination

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Digit'Art exhibition

hello  everyone

I am deeply honored   to  announce that  my  work  will   appear in  digit ' art   exhibition    ,this  cultural  event   in  going  to  be   organized  by  animaroc  association   and  ONA  foundation   , it  will  regroup  a  lot  of   talented local  artists  ,  this  event  will  take  place  in  villa  des  arts  casablanca   and  it   will  be  open  for  a  month  started  from 4 October 

the  entrance  is  free  

some  photos  from  the  exhibition