Wednesday, October 24, 2012


here is  the sketch or  the  base  mesh (as  other  people  prefer  to call ) that  i have  done  for  this  piece  on  3DS max ,as  you  can  see  it's basically a   first  visual of  the   idea that  i had  in my mind   , i should  be honest  here,   i  spent  a  while  tweaking  those  boxes  in 3ds  max until  i felt satisfied  about the  overall  look . so  it's  not  between 15 or 30 min like the  previous work :D,   the  elapsed  time  of  making  those  sketches  in 3ds max does  not refer  to how  much you're  good  in 3DS max  or  any  other  soft  , it's  basically  a  matter   of  hunch  , when  feel that you should   stop  , you stop  :D

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